Severe eruption of Stromboli volcano threatens


The population is being called upon to pay increased attention: large masses of lava are gushing out of the Stromboli volcano in Italy. Mount Etna in Sicily is also bubbling.

The Stromboli volcano on the Italian island of the same name is not calming down. Due to fears of a violent eruption, the highest alert level is red. Huge amounts of lava are pouring out of the crater of the more than 920 meter high mountain, making their way steeply down several hundred meters to the sea. A huge cloud of smoke and fumes is hanging over the island between Sicily and the Italian mainland. At the same time, Mount Etna in Sicily is also active again.

On Stromboli, the authorities called on the population to keep a close eye on the situation and to follow all instructions from civil protection. The Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) had previously detected a sudden increase in seismic activity. Only a few hundred people live on the island, which is part of the Aeolian Islands group. However, many tourists travel there by sea from the mainland or from Sicily to see the volcano or even to climb it.

Take-off and landing ban in Catania

Nearly 200 kilometers away, on the much larger island of Sicily, Mount Etna drew attention. Ash rained down on the nearby city of Catania, which is why the airport there imposed a takeoff and landing ban for several hours. The ash particles covered both the planes and the runway. Gray-black dust lay in the streets and on the houses in other towns as well.

Mount Etna kept spewing out lava fountains until late into the night. At times, a cloud that reached almost five kilometers high was above the volcano. The region was on the second highest alert level of orange. According to the INGV, Mount Etna then slowly calmed down again. Mount Etna is around 3,350 meters high and is Europe’s largest active volcano. The exact height changes again and again due to eruptions and cinder cones.


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