Putin and Modi Strengthen Cooperation – Latest News

During the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Russia, the nuclear powers strengthened their solidarity. Russia depends on India’s support to minimize future risks.

Moscow. Friendly and full of closeness, that is how the images published by the Kremlin of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s visit to Moscow are intended to appear. On Monday, the eve of the official talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin received his guest at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo. The heads of state strolled through the garden, drank tea on the terrace, and stroked Putin’s horses in the stable.

Modi’s visit to Moscow – the first since 2019 – has a special significance for Russia. On Tuesday, Putin awarded Modi the highest Russian state order for his services. He emphasized that both states would implement “comprehensive joint projects in trade, the defense industry, nuclear and fossil energy, high technology and space exploration.”

At the end of the meeting, this was backed up with concrete figures. According to the final declaration, Putin and Modi agreed, among other things, to increase trade turnover to 100 billion dollars by 2030 and announced that they would increase military-technical cooperation and the production of spare parts in India. According to Putin, trade between the countries increased by 60 percent in 2023 alone.

Putin had already declared on Monday, between tea and horse stables, that India and Russia share a “privileged strategic partnership”. This is also reflected in exports, where Russia once lost billions in revenue due to the West’s comprehensive sanctions in connection with the war of aggression against Ukraine. And so the largest part of the trade relations is made up of imports of oil and fertilizer. India is the second most important buyer of Russian oil after China.

Modi said the relationship was based on “a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect.” He had previously posted a photo on X of himself hugging Putin. A particularly symbolic gesture by the nuclear powers. Alexander Gabuev, director of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center in Berlin, is also convinced that the meeting is “very important” for Putin. The relationship with India has now become “one of the most important pillars of Russian foreign policy.”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit the nuclear pavilion at an economic exhibition in Moscow.

The agenda for the talks in the Kremlin on Tuesday apparently included questions about energy, armaments and finance, according to various media reports. In the run-up to the visit, the Indian newspaper “Economic Times” reported that a long-term agreement on oil deliveries from Russia to India was to be made at a discount – India would thus secure cheap oil that Russia would otherwise no longer be able to sell on the world market.

In the area of ​​armaments, the two are believed to have discussed the delivery of Russian weapons to India and new cooperation. Russia is still India’s most important arms supplier. According to various reports, however, the proportion of weapons supplied by Russia is drastically decreasing because Moscow needs them for the war against Ukraine. Days before the meeting, the state-owned Russian arms company Rostec had announced that it would manufacture tank ammunition in India in the future.


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