Israel attacks targets in southern Lebanon

Cloud of smoke over Lebanon's Al Khiam after Israeli attack

In response to repeated attacks in northern Israel, the Israeli army said it carried out air strikes on Friday against positions of the pro-Iranian Shiite militia Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Israel flies to destinations in southern Lebanon

The Israeli army said it launched an air attack on positions of the pro-Iranian Shiite militia Hezbollah in southern Lebanon on Friday, the military announced in the evening. Prior to that, attacks had been carried out from Lebanon on areas in northern Israel. There were no reports of injuries, it said.

The information cannot be independently verified. Since the beginning of the war in the Gaza Strip, there have been daily military confrontations between the Israeli army and Hezbollah in the border area between Israel and Lebanon.

Hezbollah is allied with the Islamist Hamas in Gaza, but is considered to be significantly more powerful. Israel wants to use military and diplomatic pressure to get Hezbollah to withdraw behind the Litani River, 30 kilometers from the border – as stipulated in a 2006 UN resolution.


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